Heather Oltmanns is a first-time author. God planted the idea for this book in her over 15 years ago. At the time, she only had bits and pieces
of the story. God still had some work to do in her with healing over some hard things life had dealt her. Over the years, God has led her on a journey of healing and peace and has given her a desire to help others find the same.

When Covid-19 struck and she found herself quarantined at home, God reminded her of this book and impressed upon her that it was finally time to write it. Being a math teacher and considering her-self not very good at writing, she was reluctant but finally consented and said yes to God. Each morning she would awake and spend time in prayer with God before she would write and end her prayer time with, “Help Me God to be the vessel that You write through.” Over the next two months, The King’s
Daughter was born.

The struggles the main character faced are just some of the struggles that Heather has faced in her life. She wants to use those struggles and this book
to help other women understand the depths of God’s love for them––to realize that no one is too unlovable for God––that He is ready and waiting
with arms open wide for all to come to Him and be washed in His immeasurable love and mercy.